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eastern time at this point. all right, i want to go back to juliette who is, as i said, she is living in cambridge. she has been in the neighborhood there where all this activity is taking place and also a national security expert. juliette, again, you know, it's difficult with all of the pieces we have. we're trying to draw them together, make some sense of this. it's very difficult. there's no official confirmation of any of this at all, but with your background and all your experience in national security, tell us what you're tending to put together at this point. >> well, basically just watching and reading and passing by probably about 30 police cars from transit police -- excuse me, transit police, boston police, cambridge police, all of them. obviously, something big is going on. what we have to remember, there's three different incidents. there's the marathon attack, with the city very much on edge and a strong presence in the city. then you have a police officer shot at m.i.t. in cambridge. and the geography is that the m.i.t. campus -- the part of campus where that is not th
'm ken bastida. >> i'm juliette goodrich. liz has the night off. it was the last thing anyone expected. a man pulled up and started shooting, killing one and injuring two others. it happened in richmond this morning near the intersection of 28th and virginia streets. kpix5, joe vazquez has more on the attack. >> as a participant of the richmond bill of carpentry program, young was working toward success. >> we knew he was trying to do something with his life. now he ain't got one. >> around 11:00 this morning while taking an agility test for the program, a group of students went for a jog around the 300 block of south 28th. witnesses say a car sundayly stopped. a gunman got out and opened fire at point-blank range. a graduate of the high school, died instantly. gunned downright in front of his father and brother, both of whom are participants of the program. >> we heard the gun shots and the next thing you know, everybody started running back this way after the gun shot happened, i come around the corner and the young man was dead in the street. >> anna wells was among the group o
uses the most water per person. >>> this is kpix 5 news. >>> good evening. i'm juliette goodrich in for liz. >> and i'm ken bastida. parents, please, no gun violence at your child's little league game. that may sound like a ridiculous request, but ann notarangelo tells us that is exactly the deal that was required to get kids back on the field tonight. >> reporter: baseball is back. the cardinals and yankees, not a moment too soon. >> we're ready to play. >> reporter: 200 little leaguers were temporarily benched last week after a noninjury shooting in the parking lot during a game, after a father and a relative got into an argument. >> i knew it would happen but just didn't think it would happen on a baseball field where little kids are playing. >> reporter: baseball is america's game. here they say it's the only game. >> they were heartbroken, you know. they want to play baseball. there's nothing out here for them really to do positive. it's the only thing. >> reporter: sports, especially baseball, is often a metaphor for li
after he had been detained and a photograph was taken much him. we assume, according to juliette kayyem, homeland security analyst we have at cnn, that is to try to make a connection or see if there is a connection between this individual and, we understand there was a second arrest as well, and the individuals who earlier this evening, thursday night after 5:00, images of them were released by the fbi, individuals wanted in relationship to the boston marathon bombings. drew, i'm sorry to interrupt. i just wanted to make sure that video could be shown and please continue asking gabe what happened and what he witnessed this evening. >> reporter: absolutely. after that arrest took place and questioning took place, i shouldn't say arrest. after that person was taken into custody, there was a second person that you noticed who came out in handcuffs. >> yes. it was interesting. as soon as they had -- fbi had finished questioning the primary suspect and placed him back in the squad car, another man came around the corner from dexter street on to nichols towards the squad car where this first
massachusetts homeland security advisor juliette kayyem is currently a boston globe columnist. on the phone, joining us is former homeland security advisor fran townsend, who currently sits on the homeland security and cia external advisory panels. appreciate all of you being with us. mary, mayor bloomberg isn't the only one saying that manhattan was a target for the brothers. who else? >> reporter: correct. ray kelly, the police commissioner, as you mentioned, both these new york city officials were briefed by the fbi about this, and with the information they were given, anderson, they say they were told that there was talk about targeting times square and the way the police commissioner described these discussions, he said that these were spontaneous discussions that came about apparently from the information that the fbi relayed to them is that the brothers had talked about this after they were said to have hijacked that mercedes suv. you know, it's a very different account than what the police commissioner gave just yesterday. he relayed information saying that dzhokhar tsarnaev had sai
. former massachusetts homeland security adviser juliette kayyem, currently a "boston globe" journalist, joining me here. and on the phone, national security adviser fran townsend. juliette what do you make of this "boston globe" report that boston anti-terror squads were not informed about what the fbi knew about tamerlan tsarnaev? >> right. so, what you're hearing is they were informed in the sense that they had access to the database, but they were not specifically told, look, there's someone on your streets that we have particular concern with. this is troubling because it sort of is consistent with the feeling that the fbi never thought much of this guy, right? that the original investigation did not show much. and it also, there's a lot of history in this city about the relationship between the fbi, the boston police and state and local officials. we saw a lot of sort of harmony during the last week. >> right. >> and what you're starting to hear now is, wait, why weren't we told? this is our city. this is what state and local sharing was supposed to cure. >> and that's where these
news. >>> good evening. i'm juliette goodrich in for liz. >> and i'm ken bastida. parents, please, no gun violence at your child's little league game. that may sound like a ridiculous request, but ann notarangelo tells us that is exactly the deal that was required to get kids back on the field tonight. >> reporter: baseball is back. the cardinals and yankees, not a moment too soon. >> we're ready to play. >> reporter: 200 little leaguers were temporarily benched last week after a noninjury shooting in the parking lot during a game, after a father and a relative got into an argument. >> i knew it would happen but just diwoul happen on a baseball field where little kids are playing. >> reporter: baseball is america's game. here they say it's the only game. >> they were heartbroken, you know. they want to play baseball. there's nothing out here for them really to do positive. it's the only thing. >> reporter: sports, especially baseball, is often a metaphor for life, which makes it all that much more important for the little kids to get back on the field. >> little league, it's the w
. >> you bet, piers. >>> let's bring in juliette kayyem, former homeland security assistant secretary. juliette, so much to catch up on again today. just developments over the weekend and today. let's start with the dna aspect, because this could i guess be extremely vital or it could be utterly meaningless. i don't just mean the dna taken from the bomb fragment but also the dna taken from the widow of tamerlan tsarnaev. >> that's exactly right. just to pick up on what the congressman was saying, we are at the stage of the investigation where there are many roads and some of them will lead to new roads, which might put the case together, and some will be dead ends. so we've already heard of some dead ends and some places where this investigation's going to go. on this dna, we don't yet know what the source of the dna was, so could it possibly be some fragment from the person who sold the cookers or any materials to the brothers. we simply just don't know at this stage. obviously the fbi, the first guess is someone in the united states, a female, who had contact with the brothers. that
songs. juliette goodrich covered the story the day it happened and she called the country star's pr people to ask what they thought. taylor swift sent more than just her regards. >> eight-year-old says she sang taylor swift songs to calm her after she was shot in the leg with an arrow during a school field trip. this was nadine in the hospital before surgery to remove the arrow one week ago. >> something is behind you, your mom has something. >> taylor swift heard about you and sent you a package. >> taylor swift, obviously heard nadine's story. >> this whole time i was thinking it was a joke, but it's true? >> and wanted to send her a care package. >> what is it? it's a backpack and this is one of my favorite albums. >> did you even think she would hear your message? >> no. i had no clue. this whole time i was thinking, well, probably just a joke. but then i had no idea. >> let's not overlook the fact that nadine is in a lot of pain and the person who shot her with an arrow has not been found. >> does it take the pain away a little? >> it take the pain away a lot. >> n
officers are on patrol. linda. >> reporter: well, juliette, gh behind me you can see some of thheavy artillery. police have been here since tuesday when another pg&e substation was attacked by vandals. now, other pg&e facilities are also being fortified. but for security reasons, they are not telling us where or how many. heavily armed police guarded various points around the newark substation and supply yard. patrol cars parked strategically to block anyone from entering the property. pg&e says the extra security was added after another substation in the sauk bay was sabotaged two days ago. >> we have made sure that additional security is located at our territory. we are working with law enforcement to determine how best to move forward with that increased security. >> reporter: police say on tuesday, someone with a high- powered rifle shot out five transformers at the metcalf substation in south san jose. minutes earlier someone climbed down a manhole to cut fiberoptic cables knocking out 911 service in gilroy. telephone lines were also disrupted at banks and other businesses. >> s
tonight. joining me now is former massachusetts homeland security advisor, juliette kayyem, our investigative correspondent, drew griffin joins us and medical correspondent, dr. sanjay gupta is with me and senior legal analyst, jeffrey toobin. what's the latest on the investigation? >> i mean, they laid it out pretty well in the criminal complaint. the criminal complaint against this one surviving suspect. but overall, there is a national security investigation under way to answer that one question we all want to know. is this it. are these just the two guys involved or is there somebody else. right now, there is nothing to indicate that there was anybody else involved but you have to be 100% sure. so they're going to go through everything they purchased, everybody they contacted, every phone call they made, to make sure nobody was involved or even unwittingly involved in aiding these kids. >> jeff, in terms of the legal case, i want to read a portion from the transcript of the hearing in the hospital room today, the subject's hospital room. the judge said quote, at this time, t
information through channels recently. >> i appreciate it. thanks. juliette kayyem joins us now, former homeland security advisor to the commonwealth of massachusetts, former u.s. assistant secretary for homeland security and currently columnist for the boston globe. also, former cia officer bob baer and senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin. how significant is it that female dna has been found on one of the bomb fragments? >> well, the significance for me is the fbi is clearly looking for accomplices. they haven't closed this investigation by any means. they think there's a good chance out there that somebody helped at some stage, whether it's a bomb maker, to put this thing together, so they're very much on this and they're following every lead, but the circle seems to be still very wide. >> you think at the end of the day that the bomb itself, the devices themselves, will be the biggest keys in figuring out if these guys had help and from whom? >> yeah, anderson, it's funny. i just got off the phone with a bomb expert who spent three years making these, teaching himself. he was with th
there and whether there are copy cats. we'll see a lot of this activity. >> i'm john berman. jay tapper. juliette kayyen. we are here in boston and have been covering all the events happening since 10:00 last night. at 10:00 last night, 10:20 p.m., there was a shooting, a campus police officer at the massachusetts institute of technology shot and killed in his car multiple gunshot wounds. then there was a carjacking. two suspects hijacking a car, keeping the men in the car with them for a short while and then there was a police chase. >> we should also note, the man was let free, amazingly, and is apparently unharmed. >> during this police chase authorities say that perhaps the suspects were throwing explosives out the window at law enforcement officials. showing you just how dangerous this situation is. then a shoot-out, suspect number one was shot and wounded. he was taken to a local area hospital where he since died. and then at this point authorities are saying suspect number two, the man who has been seen as the man in the white hat at the boston marathon finish line, suspect number two is c
on the side of the road and there are going to be a lot of controlled detonations, i would suspect. juliette, you're here. you're a boston globe columnist and a former official with the department of homeland security both in the federal government in d.c. and also here in massachusetts. this is what you would expect. >> we're going to have a long time of these volled detonations, luggage left in one place, a bag left in another. it's going to feel kind of crazy to everyone watching and maybe we don't need to go to all of them. this is what the police do. they see these things and detonate them to make sure that they're safe. there are a lot of bags in any city and the city is on high alert. that's going to be natural. the chances are that all of these are going to be nothing, and this is just the normal routine. >> i want to point out for the cameras. you've been talking about how they're going to be fanned out and stopping transit because all public transportation has closed in the boston area and they're getting on this bus that is not in service and fanning out throughout the city. >> th
to find this particular individual. juliette and john said may have been a known person, but now in custody. >> it wasn't just the one video, we believe there was a second video that authorities were also using, correct? >> i was told by the source briefed on the investigation that the major breakthrough came from the department store, lord & taylor, very close to the second explosive location. they said they had a very clear image of a suspect making the drop. the way it was described to me, making the placement of the black bag and backing away and leaving the site. i was told that some additional video provided to authorities by a boston television station, doing live reporting and other taping, filming in the old days, taping in the area had also provided some video that was very useful as part of that enhanced video analysis. i was told the department store was the key element, but there was some additional video provided by a boston television station and they enhanced it and that technology improved so dramatically in recent years in part because of post 9/11 investigation
on the windy streets, juliette kayyem, former u.s. secretary for homeland security and assistant u.s. secretary and a columnist for the boston globe, as well. thank you both for being here. i want to look at these photos right away. let's take a look because they are images that are really, really interesting. the twisted metal of the pressure cooking we're seeing. we're seeing the circuit board which is in there. we're seeing now the bbs clustered together, probably designed to create the most possible harm imaginable. fran, i want to start with you. you're going to get a chance to look at these photos now with us overnight. what do you see? >> you know, john, what you see is all the forensics, to me, that investigators will find there. so the twists in the metal all will tell them about the force of the blast. they'll be able to tell what kind of explosives, definitively, were used. were the bombs constructed in the same way. the circuit board. every one of these small component pieces, regardless of how small it is, every one of them has the ability, some ability, to be traced. and i think p
has been remarkable teamwork down there from all the authorities involved. i will go to juliette kayyem, cnn contributor, former u.s. assistant secretary for homeland security. juliette, this has been a stunning victory for the authorities, hasn't it? >> i don't think anyone is going to do anything but be happy for a few hours. utter exhaustion by the first responders, given that this started on monday. and it was textbook in so many odd ways given how big this was, that the authorities put together a bunch of pieces, got some pictures, went public with the pictures and then we've had a wild 23 hours and one suspect is dead and one is in custody. so while it was unbelievably large, very tense, very scary for people who live here, that part of it is over. >> bob baer, with all your experience working with the cia, has this been a textbook operation by the authorities here? it seems like it. seems like they basically have played this from the moment they put out the images yesterday to the moment today they said to the public get back out there, almost immediately they got tips on
townsend, jeff toobin, jeffrey beatty, juliette kyyam, and with us, jeffrey vasquez, knew the older suspect and coached the younger suspect when he was in high school. luis, i appreciate you joining us very much. you saw them both the last time about two years ago. >> two years. ? first of all, tamerlan, you knew him more than the younger suspect, right? >> that is correct. he and i were friend, just in the hallway. the way we got to know each other was my wife -- sweetheart, high school girlfriend. she was friends with the sister, her name was bella. so him being a protective big brother, that's how i got to know him. and ever since then we keind of would have lunch here and there, see each other after high school here and there. two years ago he just kind of disappeared. i wouldn't see him around anymore. what kills my curiosity, i'm sure a lot of people also, is that what happened in the past year or so that made them want to do this. i just -- it's -- it's incredible. so horrendous. that's not who we knew as people growing up. and even -- >> we believe sometime in the last two years he
standing by there at watertown. bringing us some details. i want to go to juliette who lives in cambridge, also a national security expert, i might add. talk to us about what you're piecing together at this point, as this is happening in your neighborhood. >> yes. i left cnn earlier because i had been doing work on air for the boston marathon and heard about this. and was essentially delayed at the hotel because we had heard of so much activity. by the time i could get to cambridge off the mass turnpike, i had never seen anything like it. i want to make it clear that there was a cop killing, as everyone knows, at m.i.t. they are rare. very rare. and a response like this triggered by a police officer being, you know, killed at m.i.t., at a university, where students are is -- would engender a significant police response, given that we have just faced the boston marathon attacks, the fact we see so much activity is only because -- may only be because, let me make that clear, may only be because everyone is activated, as they should be, because there are key suspects on the loose. so, this r
evening, i'm allen martin. >> i'm juliette goodrich in for elizabeth cook. we have learned tonight pg&e has asked and is getting extra security at several bay area facilities following the sabotage of a substation this week. kpix 5 reporter linda yee is outside a pg&e facility in fremont where officers are now standing guard. >> reporter: well, juliette, right behind me you can see some of the heavy artillery. police have been here since tuesday when another pg&e substation was attacked by vandals. now, other pg&e facilities are also being fortified. but for security reasons, they are not telling us where or how many. heavily armed police guarded various points around the newark substation and supply yard. patrol cars parked strategically to block anyone from entering the property. pg&e says the extra security was added after another substation in the sauk bay was sabotagetwo da ago. >> we have made sure that additional security is located at our substations throughout our service territory. we are working with law enforcement to determine how best to move forward with that increased
triggered by budget cuts. >> reporter: yeah, juliette. this thing has been threatened for the past several weeks now. the faa over the weekend going ahead and instituting the sequestration cutbacks. essentially, this means about a 10% reduction for all the faa controllers around the country. so we checked with the airport duty manager at sfo,. he says no significant cancellations or delays in the bay area but they had problems at los angeles international airport yesterday. of course, that was the first day that the sequestration cutbacks went in and they were experiencing two-hour delays. so what does this mean? we talked to mario ianello who flies lot between l.a. and san francisco. is otr inconvenience for travelers. >> are you worried about any of this sequestration might cancel or delay one of your flights? >> not really. well, i'm more concerned about with the way the airline industry has been now -- i think they -- they have, uhm, made their flights either so full and cut back on flights, i think that's affected more of the schedule than really the air traffic control. >> reporter
juliette kaym w i a former assistant secretary for both u.s. homeland secury a interestingly enough, a massachusetts homeland security adviser, as well. i want to start with juliette because we have someal is inrein information. new news about some developments going on at th aport rig at this second. >> so, there's clearly going to be eyewitnesses. so what the police are doing is that they're startingosk people at the air t check their iphones. which is really ar people don't know that they were witnesses. that they might actuly have evidence in their phones or in their cameras. and so there'soworfhi search amongst all the people that were there, the tens thousands of people, to say hey, did you see something? because the chances are, if the site wasece eas 4 hours, whit is because i used to do boston marathon security, someone probably got ni ne sort of chaos at the chaos is the wro wd. it's just morepehan t. family members, reunification. that person may have been seen by others and there may be a picture of him or her or the people. so that's what they'reooking for now. this is
, jessica yellin, thank you very much. i want to turn to juliette kayyam and cnn national security analyst fran townsend and the president of new age security solutions, former director of security at tel aviv airport. welcome to you all. let me start, if i may, with you juliette. you are the former u.s. assistant secretary for homeland security. how serious a blow is this to america's ongoing war on terror? >> oh, i think it's just too early to tell. i think one of the important aspects of the post-9/11 world is also the ways in which we become much more resilient to these kinds of attacks. we know the terrorist threat has changed. it is like whack-a-mole or it could be foreign terrorists, individual foreign terrorists, it could be domestic terrorists. we're reserving judgment right now. really the measure of a society is not simply is it attacked or not because we know we are vulnerable. we know we're an open society. we know that we love watching the boston marathon. it's really how do we respond. i think in that regard, this has been pretty remarkable. in the sense of how quickly they
massachusetts homeland security advisor juliette kayyem is currently a boston globe columnist. >> what you're hearing is they were informed in the sense that they had access to the data base. but they were not specifically told that we have someone on your streets that we are specifically concerned with. this is troubling because it is consistent with the feeling that the f.b.i. never thought much of this guy, right? that the original investigation did not show much. and there's a lot of history in this city that the relationship between the fbi and state and local officials. we saw a lot of harmony in the last week. what we're starting to hear wait? why weren't we told? >> and that's where these leaks, it seems like, are coming from. >> right. >> people are anowed locally at the state level or the federal level and that's why they're kind of sending out this information. it seems like, at the very least, a phone call to local terror officials would be not only a courtesy, but a sensible -- >> right. so what we don't know is how many of these did the fbi get in boston. there's lots of case
in the boston attack. ann. >> reporter: and juliette, mountain mike's is one of just a handful of restaurants and businesses in martinez holding fundraisers for aaron hern's family. the hern family is very well known in this area. they have done a lot for the community. and now it's complete strangers who are asking, what can i do? >> the whole town is rallying around aaron and his family. >> reporter: the patrons have joined the effort to raise money for 11-year-old aaron hern and his family. aaron's leg was hit by a bomb shrapnel at the boston marathon finish line. his mother said he was back in surgery today and doctors are optimistic but he has a fever and the family is worried about infection. their friends and neighbors in martinez don't want them to worry about anything else. >> i just reached out to my community and said, you know, we have to help them. >> reporter: rocks on main raised $5,000 last night with donations still coming in. this weekend seven family owned restaurants will continue the effort. >> it's a small family oriented town. >> reporter: the herns are all about family
me bring in the former assistant from the fbi, tom, as juliette pointed out, it doesn't say this is connected to the boston bombings here, but i will say one thing is clear. it's happening in the atmosphere of the post-bombings, which is why there's an enormous heightened state of security around this entire area. we'll get to tom in a minute. >> an officer was shot on campus and has expired as a result of his wounds. there was a carjacking that took place as well in cambridge involving a mercedes suv. that car was ultimately discovered here in watertown and pursued by the watertown police department. the pursuit went into a residential neighborhood not far from here where there was an exchange of gunfire between watertown police and the m.i.t. police officer and the two suspects in this suv. during the course of this pursuit, several explosive devices were discharged from the car at the police officers. in the exchange of the gunfire, we believe that one of the suspects was struck and ultimately taken into custody. a second suspect was able to flee from that car and there i
evening, i'm juliette goodrich, ann is off tonight. frantic customers run for safety as the car smashes into a wal-mart in san jose. and police, they say that the driver gets out and starts assaulting people. this all plays out this morning at the wal-mart on story road near the junction between interstate 280 and highway 101. one victim was seriously injured and is now in the hospital. don kn -- don don is there where the store opened this morning. >> they have not offered any operation of what triggered this. they said it wasn't a police chase, an accident, apparently somebody that was just intent on driving the car into wal- mart and causing much havoc as possible. but fortunately no one killed. people were injured. this is where they ended up on the display inside the wal-mart store. a spectacular ending it a wild ride. >> we were back there listening to that there and by something big they fell off the shelves, the road, the glass, something. and then i'm looking around it, people are screaming and running towards the exit. >> my heart was beating the whole time. i had no idea what
is a nice theatre and they were doing roamioand juliette and there was me in the middle of a balcony. it was a nice audience when i walked in my brain was exat that timic, look at the people here. it's almost as good as last years. i said who did you choose last year. and the year before. and told me. i said do you realize they are dead already? >> i'm alive and shouldn't i pull in a little more? [laughter] to go off, thank you for coming. >> my pleasure. i just this month read your book dreaming water. and i was -- i'm very glad to have read it. i'm wondering 2 things. there seems to be more of an advocacy voice in terms of the discrimination of being you know an asian american. and secondly, warner's disease. i'm wondering how you got into writing about that? and the characters were wonderful. >> okay. your first question, first. you know to be totally honest, when i sat down to write dreaming water i thought this is the book that -- i had finished language of threads and written 4 books that took place in asia. because language of threads was a hate this word, the seekial to wo
plant explosion. what we know so far about the confirmed victims. good evening to you, i'm juliette goodrich. liz and ken are off tonight. they are the two most wanted men in america. the fbi says these may be the faces of the boston marathon bombers. tonight they are reaching out to the public for any information on who and where they might be. cbs reporter is live in boston to tell us how investigators were able to zero in on these two in the crowd. >> after the fbi put the images of the suspects on their website, they had a record number of hits. in fact, at one point there were so many people logging on, their entire website crashed. what they are telling us is that they consider these two men armed and extremely dangerous and they are no longer anonymous. they are known as suspect one, who is seen wearing a black baseball cap and suspect two, wearing a white one. turned back wards on his head. the two men are seen carrying backpacks through the crowd at the boston marathon minutes before the bombs went off. >> suspect two set down a backpack at the site of the second explosio
noticed. and why he was on the fbi's radar two years ago. >>> good evening, i'm juliette goodrich. >> and i'm ken bastida. a week of terror is finally over. tonight the second marathon bombing suspect is in custody. this photo from moments after he was captured gives us a good idea of what a messed up state he was in. police found the 19-year-old bloodied and hiding in a boat in watertown outside of boston. a tip led police to the suspect, bringing a 24 hour man hunt that locked down the city to an end. let's get right to vanita who is in watertown just outside of boston tonight. >> reporter: the 19-year-old bombing suspect is in the hospital at this hour listed in serious condition. he was apprehended after a massive five-day man hunt. a crowd cheered when they heard the suspected boston marathon bomber had been captured. minutes later, an ambulance carrying dzhozkar tsarnaev made its way out of a watertown, massachusetts, neighborhood, ending 24 hours of terror in this boston suburb. he was injured from a boat parked in a driveway. >> the citizens of the city of washington ca
bastida. >> and i'm juliette goodrich. investigators say he was ambushed and killed for his gun during the man hunt for the boston marathon bombers. meanwhile, we're learning more about how the bombs were built and when. kpix5's allen martin tells us the suspects started shopping months ago. >> on february 6, ten weeks before the marathon bombings, dzhokhar tsarnaev walked into the fire works store and bought two lock and load kits. contained 24 shells. investigators now are trying to determine if the brothers used the black powder from those fireworks as the explosive in the pressure cooker bombs. his name was recorded in the store's computer system at the time of the sale and megan was the clerk. >> i do remember just him asking, first him having the accent and asking for the stuff. i showed him one other product, but he stressed he wanted the biggest, loudest stuff. >> new pictures surfaced of the early morning shootout between the brothers and police in watertown, massachusetts. the photos taken from inside a house overlooking the scene of the gunfight seemed to show the brother
evening. i'm juliette goodrich. let's go right to watertown. that's where a manhunt started after a police officer was shot and killed tonight on the m.i.t. campus. police immediately started looking for two suspects in that shooting. here now is dramatic coverage from about 20 minutes ago from a boston tv station. >> we heard the shots fired and we knew there was imminent danger. we could smelsmelled to be like gunpowder or burning rubber. and then all of a sudden, my photographer, camera in hand, said, look, look! we saw all these officers with their guns drawn. that's when neil, my photographer, said get down! and i got down behind the car door, behind the car, and he got down, i believe, behind the police car. it was a matter of just getting down as quickly as you could at the nearest possible place. so he was about 10 feet in front of me. and then i believe that when they told us to get back even further, when i heard something of a hand grenade, he must have followed me, but he and everyone else has been moved back now on the other side of this yellow tape. i don't know what he was a
-type future, but juliett has been through a lot and i have wide to her a lot -- like you were a lot in that plays well in relationships, doesn't it? >> no, absolutely not. give us a preview of what your character has to deal with this time around. >> towards the end of season voodoort of a puppetmaster descends upon portland and sets a bunch of undead loose on the city of portland, towards the very end of the season. tonight is a different story. building towards the end of the season there is an army of the undead coming after nic, and we get caught in the crossfire. >> i'm scared already. each show has viewers on the edge of their seats. are you amazed by what your writers come up with week in and week out? >> yes, absolutely. it is so gory for network television. it is always kind of -- i think our writers and creators have a very dark humor, and i think they get a kick out of seeing what they can get onto the screens. >> do you ever have trouble sleeping, either of you? --i am just a little nerve no, the reason it is hard to sleep is that i drink probably about a gallon of coffe
in cnn analyst and former assistant homeland security secretary juliette kayyem. what is it that they're going to looking for in early hours? >> well, they are trying to engage a lot of the public who may be unwitting sort of witnesses to what happened. there is a big suspicion that the perpetrator or perpetrators were probably on site and the reason there's no disclose sure of a cellular detonation. someone may have picture of someone walking into the area and four seconds later someone has a picture of the same person. both at logan and amtrak, trying to engage the people leaving town now. we have about 750,000 people -- 75,000 people leaving town to try to get them to look at their iphones. just about 200 feet away from me is the finish line. so they are combing through all 0 that. that's a forensic site and that may lead to materials or evidence related to both the m bomb and shrapnel that might have fingerprints. >> it's hard for people to imagine trying to secure a marathon like this, a lot of times what ends up happening you've got well-wishers, family members who want to com
on the bush administration and also juliette kayyem, department of homeland security. what jumped out at you today? >> well, in terms of what we saw, if you notice, it was only law enforcement now. it was the head of the fbi here and our u.s. attorneys, all of the politicians are gone. this is all about the investigation. for me and fran, people that know the fbi, this is an incredible change from the fbi accused around 9/11 of just close holding all of the information. this was a calculated risk on their part. we hope that they are looking at the right people. it's clear whatever else they had in the film discloses enough information for them to take this risk. they need to know more about these people. but they are being cautious as well. finally, this crowd you sourcing aspect of this that the fbi is doing, it's very equivalent to the july 7th attacks in london. this is what the british police did. this is -- has to do with how many pictures there are now in - our society. so this is a very familiar thing and will be more so in the future. it feels very unique to us and we will get used t
, juliette kayyem. we got a report just a short time ago there was an ambulance on the scene. he seems to have been taken away in a vehicle, not in that ambulance. we don't know if he needs medical attention or not. we do not know his status. that's been one of the questions all day long. a number of police have been injured just in the melee in the early morning hours in watertown. we know one police officer obviously was killed. another one was seriously wounded, went into surgery but as many as 15 had received minor injuries and are doing okay. we don't know what his status is. assuming he's not physically hurt, where will he be taken? >> right now, he will be taken to the u.s. attorney, to our federal courthouse which is about two miles away from here, three miles away from here. he'll be booked and processed and arrested and if this is going to start a very unusual day will start to look very, very usual. we will determine whether he will get legal counsel. he will get a defense attorney and then therefore, the case proceeds. >> from a federal law enforcement official, being told
tamerlan tsarnaev. the fbi and cia later closed their investigation. >> here in boston is juliette kayyem and washington is tom fuentes. welcome to both of you. bob behr knows this neck of the woods in russia. he had some sharp board -- wo words -- >> there's no other way to describe it as a failure. immigrations didn't tell the fbi he was leaving or coming back. two warnings from russian intelligence you don't know. the two main russian intelligence services don't like the united states. they don't provide tack cal intelligence. >> you here him saying those are two warnings you don't ignore. does he have the point? >> if you ignore the warnings -- first of all the fbi did the investigation based on the information they first received from the russians. i have not seen the second request which went to the cia to know whether they match and if it is the case they sent the same information to multiple agencies or not. i don't know what's in that question. the cia's job is not to investigate on american soil. they would have coordinated with the fbi. as far as immigration and some of the sta
that the probe. we have juliette kayyem, your paper reporting that local officials were not informed that in 2011, the fbi had been warned to check out tamerlan tsavraev. >> that's right. the entity they would have been informed under is the joint terrorism task force, includes a lot of federal agencies, as well as state and local, and the point is to share regional information. because there is all sorts of information that needs to be shared. they are collocated in a building here in which they are all working together. what has become clear from the boston globe story," state and local officials were not specifically notified that the fbi had done that initial investigation. it had been put on the big list, that we have been talking about. half a million people, but no specific, hey, boston, hey, massachusetts, we checked out this guy, want you to know that he lives down the street from here, and the russians -- >> that's how the process should work? >> that's how the process should work. it sounds like what they cannot determine yet, they know there is no specific notification, but because th
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